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Socialization & Enrichment Includes
Bathing/Water Introduction, Grooming, Nail Trimming, Trips to businesses in town to meet strangers, other dogs, and see things inside businesses (after immunizations). Socialized with livestock (goats), They have early neurological stimulation that is started at 3 days old and will continue until they leave our home, bite inhibition, children, and other pets (we have 4 grandchildren), Outdoors (we have a pond, creek and stream on the property and the pups LOVE the water). Structures, e.g. climbing, chew (a beef bone is best for teething), toys, balls, snuffle mats, dog puzzles, touch desensitization, grooming desensitization, household desensitization, sound stimulation, socialized with adult dogs (giant breed, medium breed, miniature and toy breeds). 



We strive to send your puppy home with the best manners possible.

We actively work with the puppies from 3 days old stimulating and socializing. 

Training Includes: travel training, weekly nail trims, puppies are started on crate training, potty training, walking on lead, come, sit, stay, paw. Body handling protocol, including sitting still for grooming, early socialization, early neurological stimulation (ENS), leash training, visiting different environments, human interactions, doggy door training, obedience training started, behavioral shaping, dog litter box from 2 weeks, car training, “NO” biting or chewing, basic manners, name recognition, leash walking. 
When reserving your puppy early we will “scent socialize” your puppy to your family. We accept personal items with the family scent and place these with the puppy when we are individually crate training your pup.

Puppy Information: News
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