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Hello, we are Dave and Robin. We raised four sons and were empty nesters until we brought our Teddy, Charlie, Rosie, Ellie, Annie, and Lexi home. We have been breeding for 21 years; we started with Lhasa Apso's in 2000 but have not had litters every year; we breed every few years. We have a small breeding program and concentrate on quality, not quantity.

In 2000 my groomer told me I should show my male Lhasa Apso, he was a gorgeous dog. We began breeding due to my groomer's continual urging that my male, Mufasa, was a textbook match for the breed standard. We ended up with a female "Princess" and began our program with them. Sadly we lost our Mufasa and Princess in 2016 and 2018.

We love dogs; they live in our homes and sleep in our beds. We breed for health first. We complete our dogs' full breed DNA panels before considering them for breeding. We have neutered/spayed dogs who did not fit the breed standard and are with us still today. Our dogs are never left alone or in a cage or kennel. We are not a large-scale operation; we are small and breed quality companions.

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